Some rugby and canyoning

Just a quick update as to my activities.  Last Thursday was St. Patrick’s day.  My night wasn’t anything extra special.  The bars and clubs were just a bit more crowded, with the color green flying around.  Barely saw advertisements for green beer and didn’t even see the stuff anywhere.


Saturday evening, I ventured out with a large group of students to the rugby game in town at Eden Park.  It was the Auckland Blues vs. Wellington Hurricanes.  The stadium had a good chunk of empty seats and felt much less hectic than an American football game.  I’m sure it would be a different story if I had the chance to see the All Blacks play (New Zealand’s national rugby team).  The announcer didn’t really say too much throughout the game and the clock almost never stopped.  It’s played in two halves, 40 minutes each.  The ball has to be passed backwards, even if it touches the ground it can still be in play, and that is the extent of my knowledge of the rules.  Never been much of a sports person, but I’m glad I was able to see a rugby game.  After, most of the students went to Globe Bar because we got free drinks with our ticket purchase.  Had the pleasure of meeting a few new people and talking with them about their travels around the country.


Sunday morning came too early, but at 9:45a I departed with a group for canyoning about an hour west of Auckland, near the scenic Piha beach.  It was an incredible experience!  I had never heard of the activity before coming here.  We were provided with wetsuits and helmets and began a 40 minute hike up a mountain.  From there, we worked our way down walking through a river and jumping/sliding/rappelling down all the waterfalls that got in our way.  It was quite the rush.  As always, our guides were hilarious carefree individuals.  It’s an activity I’d recommend to anyone, any age.


Exactly two weeks until mid-semester break.  In that time, I have two essays and an exam.  This weekend, I have signed up with a volunteer group to work in Hunua Range Park.  I’m not positive what we’ll be doing, but friends who have been there promised beautiful scenery (shock).  Fingers crossed that this rain lets up.


About Kris

In my third year of college. Originally from the metro Detroit area, my home university is Albion College. But this blog has been created to document my adventures while studying in Auckland, New Zealand. Mail Contact: Kris Polk Flat 3D/3 8 Mount St. Auckland 1010 New Zealand
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