Before leaving Auckland for two weeks

Been some time.  The volunteer weekend was a bit of a letdown.  All we did was dig dirt and rebuild some mountain biking paths instead of working more closely with the avian wildlife as was promised when signing up.  I still learned a lot about path construction and park preservation.

The past two weeks have been fairly busy with papers and studying for exams.  I was able to make it to Mission Bay Beach a couple times, getting tanned some before having to pull out the long sleeves and pants as Fall weather began to set in.  There have been more rainy days than not, which is disappointing.  One of the trips to Mission Bay resulted in a fish & chips lunch, served wrapped in newspaper soaked from the grease.  Needless to say, a delicious local treat.

This past Saturday, I joined a group of friends to hike a dormant volcano about a 25 minute ferry ride from Auckland (and directly across the water from Mission Bay).  Rangitoto is a very beautiful spot and an easy hike to the top in an hour.  There were volcanic rocks all over and we were even able to explore in some caves.  It was also the perfect chance to break in my brand new hiking boots.

In a few hours, I will be getting on a plane headed for Christchurch.  Myself and five American friends will be there for exactly two weeks.  We have a rough schedule planned out.  We plan to be in Dunedin by Tuesday to make a Speight’s Brewery tour and then a tour of Cadbury World Factory.  From there, we plan on going to the Fiordlands for a few day hikes, then to Queenstown for some adventures.  Hope to go along the entire boarder of the South Island.  Our trip will end in Christchurch on the 23rd and then back to Auckland.

Can’t wait to share all the adventures ☺


About Kris

In my third year of college. Originally from the metro Detroit area, my home university is Albion College. But this blog has been created to document my adventures while studying in Auckland, New Zealand. Mail Contact: Kris Polk Flat 3D/3 8 Mount St. Auckland 1010 New Zealand
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